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Written as part of The State of Faith project by Trinity Broadcasting Network, these are the travel logs I created for various Praise specials. These would later be voice recorded and embedded in television episodes.


New Zealand

A sea breeze carries the smell of salt through the air and on to the shore, where millions of people are living out each day in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: New Zealand. A country rich in culture and history and even richer in iconic landscapes, New Zealand is considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth for good reason. From the glaciers in the Southern Alps to the sunken mountains of the Marlborough Sounds, this country feels ancient and magical. Which is probably why many films like “Lord of the Rings” and “Narnia” chose New Zealand as their backdrop.


But New Zealand isn’t just wonderful for one’s eyes, it is an exciting and fascinating place no matter what someone’s looking for. Sports fans can watch the incredible All-Blacks dominate the game of rugby to the cheers of thousands of fans.


The food in New Zealand adds to this wonderful country’s vibrant culture from delicious roast lamb, wonderful seafood on the beach, and traditional Maori meals known as hāngí (haanggee). Cooked in pits for three to four hours, pork, lamb, even pumpkin absorb a delicious smoky and earthy tang, with a smell that would make anyone salivate in expectation.


Maori culture in New Zealand is celebrated, from the All-Blacks performing the Hakka (haa-kuh) before each game, to powhiri’s (poe-fier-ee) being used to greet visitors from all corners of the globe, welcoming them to New Zealand. Rizzo dolphins dance in the water, guiding ferries to their destination. Kiwi birds dart among the trees wildly, and sheep can be found no matter where you go, probably because there’s more sheep than humans in this country.


A magical, mysterious, and fascinating place, New Zealand is a travel destination for many people around the world, a home to even more people, and a country that has earned its reputation of being one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


While one might think of Didgeridoos and Crocodile Dundee when Australia is first mentioned, this wild country is much more than what meets the eye. From the Red Centre to the oceans full of wicked waves, Australia has one of the most exotic ecosystems in the world. The iconic color changing Uluru (Ue-lue-ru) mountain is one of the Outback’s greatest attractions and most sacred monuments to the Aboriginal people. But the Outback isn’t all desert, with tropical trees and jungles for the most adventurous souls to explore. Australia is vastly known for the sun and surf, with people traveling from all around the world to surf the gigantic waves, but beauty is also found beneath the blue waters. The Great Barrier Reef, home to thousands of animal species, is one of Australia’s crown jewels and one of the seven wonders of the world.


The country isn’t just defined by its wild nature, but also by its distinctive food. Everyone who tries Vegemite tends to have a strong reaction one way or another. However, if Vegemite doesn’t appeal, one could drink a flat white coffee while eating an extremely sweet slice of Pavlova cake. Made from sugar and eggs, Pavlova is sure to satisfy any sweet craving.


The Sydney Opera house rises proudly into the sky, one of Australia’s most well known landmarks, this opera house designed both to reflect efficiency and nature captures the imagination of many. Some say it looks like the shells that can be found deposited on Australia’s many beaches, others say it looks like a cresting wave, but all agree it stands distinctly original from others.


Wildlife in Australia is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Go see Kangaroos on Kangaroo Island, koalas in Victoria, or the emus in South Australia, just watch out for the great whites off the coasts in the south or the salt water crocodiles in the North.


Australia’s history runs old, with the Aboriginal people having deep roots in Australia for thousands of years. Uluru isn’t the only place to learn about the Aboriginal people. Ancient Aboriginal rock art can be found in many caves throughout Australia, in places like Nitmiluk National Park or Grampians National Park. Blak Markets in Sydney are great places for tourists and European Australians to learn more about the rich history, arts, and culture of the Aboriginal people.


A patchwork of eco systems, cultures, and life, Australia never ceases to surprise and delight all who visit and even those who have lived in this wonderful place their entire lives.


An ancient civilization, China is one of the greatest nations on Earth, filled with beauty, culture, and incredible sites. The Middle Kingdom opened up the world to many new and amazing things like fireworks, banknotes, and even noodles. This country of wonder and ancestry can be appreciated by people from all walks of life.


Adventurous souls come to China seeking out a risk taking feat: climbing to the top of Mt. Everest, the highest point on the surface of the Earth. Those who wish to explore deep into China’s past may visit the Terracotta Warriors Museum, learning more about the history of China’s first emperor Quin Shi Huang who sought the secret to immortality up until his death. For those who are more interested in traditional Chinese architecture, the Forbidden City would be a tantalizing choice with its walls filled with golden door nails and its wings protruding from the roof. With imposing rock formations that rise above a swirl of fog, tipped with lush greenery, the Tianzi Mountains are a popular tourist destination.


Of course China cannot be talked about without discussing its most popular attraction: The Great Wall of China. Built as a way to keep out various nomadic groups, invading Mongolian tribes, and acted as means of controlling trade along the Silk Road. Nowadays, the Wall stands as a reminder of China’s deep historical roots and is still regarded as one of the most impressive architectural feats in all of human history.


One can make the excuse to travel to China for the food alone. Delicious stir-fry filled with baby corn, tofu, cabbage and seasoned with garlic, scallions, and ginger. Dim Sum served in small steaming baskets, filled to the brim with dumplings, lotus leaf rice, or deep-fried squid. Those looking for sweeter fair should sink their teeth into a moon cake, a traditional sweet treat eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditionally, enjoyed with a cup of tea, China has hundreds of herbal teas for one to choose from.


Cuddly panda bears munch on bamboo in central China, snub-nosed monkeys dash through mountain forests, and the Chinese Pangolins dash and dart among the roots of the bamboo forests.


A country of history, landscapes, and a rich fascinating culture, China remains one of the most important countries on a global scale. The beauty and majesty of China cannot be understated and leaves people with a desire to learn and explore more of what this place has to offer.


Vibrant colors flying through the air. Laughter and music and dancing fills the streets. Children and adults alike enjoy the festivities and food that Holi brings. India, known for their spices, music, and Bollywood, is full of life and a variety of interesting festivals, landscapes, and culture.


The spices in India lead to a global pursuit of finding the shortest path to the country, in order to partake in the incredible trade that stemmed from this place. Spicy chili pepper, orange turmeric, and flavorful curry are all staples in Indian cuisine. Many Indians are vegetarians, so vegetables fill many plates with lentils, chickpeas, and all sorts of beans. While many are vegetarians, meat is still regularly consumed. However, you may be hard pressed to find beef in certain areas due to cows status as a holy symbol in many Indian states.


One of the most extravagant and famous displays of Indian cultures comes from the vibrant movies that come out of Bollywood. From the wonderful dances that often blend Indian folk dances with Western contemporary flair, to the vibrant and colorful saris in costuming, and the vivid storytelling that blends genres and ideas in ways Western movies don’t often dare to. Bollywood is a crowning achievement in India and an example of how Indians are so willing to blend the old with the new and carve their mark in the world’s culture.


Across India is a variety of fascinating places to explore. The sand dunes of Jaisalmer which can be explored on the back of a camel located near the state capital. Tucked in spine of the Himalayan mountains rests the Valley of Flowers, a peaceful flat of land filled with flowers and home to endangered species like snow leopards, red foxes, and Asiatic black bears.


The greatest Indian landmark known throughout the world is the Taj Mahal in the city of Agra. A mausoleum made of ivory white marble, a tomb commissioned by the emperor to be the tomb of his favorite wife, this symbol of devotion has become a popular tourist destination and a World Heritage Site. There are many other artistic and enthralling sites throughout India. The Golden Temple in Amritsar, a Sikh temple made of pure golden sitting on the edge of water, with koi fish swimming below. There’s the great Monolithic statue, Bahubali, resting on top of a great height, a symbol of non-violence for members of the Jain religion. Indias vast and varying landscape is reflected in the wide variety of animals found in the country. The endangered Bengal tiger are scattered across India, their landscape greatly being reduced, leading to them searching for a new home. Rhinos are found in the North-Eastern Indian states, vulnerable to depleting numbers, these creatures have found homes on various wildlife sanctuaries. India is home to the King Cobra, the longest venomous snake in the world. Monkeys also are found through out the country, both in the wild areas and sometimes even in

cityscapes causing mischief and laughter wherever they venture.


This wonderful country is a home to a wide variety of religions, food, animals, and is a tapestry of culture. The variety in India adds to the fantastical nature of the bustling and full country. No wonder so many people flock to this country every year, because there’s so much to see and do, its almost an impossible task in a single trip.

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